Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Warm But Happy!

It's not fit out there for man or beast ... very high humidity and scorching temperatures. I filled the bird baths this morning and they were quickly visited by squirrels and thirsty birds. The most popular watering hole is the big bowl I fill and put out on by the kitchen door for the cats, who just love this kind of weather. This is the view from that spot. The Black-eyed Susans are in full bloom now and tucked amonst them and the other flowering plants are basil, parsley and rosemary. I'm thinking that next year I may tuck in a tomato plant or two.

This view of the river, was taken just outside the door to my mother's apartment which is in our house. She is doing well after last week's scare ... her heart and blood vessels are clear and healthy, so we'll be looking into acid reflux as a cause for her symptoms which did resemble those of a heart attack.

My man is home after nearly two weeks away and I'm very happy to have him back again!


Visual-Voice said...

I feel the heat and humidity in those shots, Joan! Blah! Same thing up here in DC. Glad your hubby is home again!

Becca said...

What beautiful views you have, in spite of that hazy humidity. We had some cooler, drier air here in Michigan today, so hopefully it's on it's way east to you.

Glad to hear things are on an even keel at your house.