Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Heat Is On!

The heat is on. It will be in the upper 90's today ... the humidity is still tolerable, but it's pumping it's way up from the gulf and the rest of the week is supposed to be Hazy, Hot and Humid, with it feeling well over 100 degrees. But still, I'd rather be here than in the Middle East where the heat manifests from bombs and hatred. My heart is breaking for all of the people there, especially the children.

The only thing to do is to make a big batch of one of my very favorite summer comfort foods ... Gazpacho!! Tomatoes are just beginning to roll in at the Farmer's Market, so I brought some home yesterday just for this. I've also got a fresh red onion, zucchini, cukes, garlic, red and green peppers. And I'll not forget the olive, oil, red wine vinegar, lime and tomato juice at the end. So here goes ... no heating up the stove, just slicing, chopping, assembling and eating.

This is perfect with a piece of my whole wheat French bread, I make just for soups. It's also great cut horizontally for sandwiches ... anykind ... yesterday it was rare roast beef, sliced very thin, with onion and a tad of mayo and mustard. Ooh, La, La!!

Unfortunately I love to eat ... especially when I need a tad of comfort. Fortunately, unlike most comfort food, this particular dish is really good for you and won't add to my waistline ... unless I put too much butter on the bread!!


Becca said...

It's hot and humid here too, and guess what I had for dinner - some good, crusty french bread (not homemade unfortunately!) and some slices of cold, rare roast beef with just "a tad" of mayo! I just wish I had had some of your gazpacho to go with! Our tomatoes are still a few weeks off...

I too was mindful and grateful to be safe in my US kitchen.

deirdre said...

Mmmmmm. It's hot here too, but not humid. I refuse to turn on the stove tonight - the grill will do just fine. Gazpacho sounds delicious. Would you mind sharing your recipe? It's one of those things I've always intended to make but haven't gotten around to.

Yes, the Middle East is breaking my heart too. I'm not watching the news right now and am reading around newpapers, trying to filter what makes its way into my mind. I stopped being so aware when my brother was in Iraq, it was the only way I could cope, and haven't re-opened my outrage yet. I just don't understand why humans need to be so evil to each other.