Sunday, July 09, 2006

Susan's Visit

Susan from Visual-Voice came to visit us for the weekend. She came without her camera ... can you believe it?? So I let her use my little novice camera and she made these wonderful photos for me. This is Sam and Susan wants to take him home with her but I won't allow it!!
NO!! NO!!

She is also teaching me to use Photo Shop Elements, and I have edited this one and the next one of Miss Pepper. Susan also took this one. Pepper says, "Why doesn't she want to take me home too??"

Never mind! She didn't even photograph Molly!! You should hear what Molly is thinking ... @#!*&^(())^^!

We are being pretty silly here, but hey, that's how it is!!


Becca said...

As soon as that photo of Sam appeared I sighed a very sappy, dog lover's "OH!" I would want to take him home too!

Sounds like you two had lots of fun!

Cynthia said...

I want you,Pepper.