Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Prayer Beads ... For Poetry Thursday

French Beaded Flowers, by Joan Z. Rough

I know! This wasn't the prompt for this week's Poetry Thursday! We were to turn our minds toward sex ... with one of our own poems or someone else's. Well, I started a poem but it is not anywhere near ready ... it's about mrs heartwell and she is being a bit touchy right now and won't let me put the finishing touches on it just yet.

Since my post yesterday concerned lilies, it seems fitting that I continue with that theme. This poem is also apropos of this particular time in history. I wrote this just after our invasion of Iraq. And I can show off the French Beaded Flowers I like to make as seen in the photos.

Prayer Beads

Hold the lily to the light

blushing petals shimmer
beads of pink
immaculate white
surround the heart
contain the fire

Holy Mary
Mother Of God
Forgive This Holy War

Pray For Our Fathers
Mothers And Children
Bring Peace To Earth
Once More

Hold the lily to the light
shimmer seeds of colored glass
caught on silver wire



slynne said...

Keeping in mind that so many artists have used flowers to stand for sexual innuendo, I think you were at least close to the topic. Did you make the flowers? They are lovely, and so is your poem...

jzr said...

slynne, Thanks! Yes, I did make the flowers!

deirdre said...

A prayer for the world. Thank you for this.

brenda said...

The beaded flowers are vibrant and so alive looking. A hidden talent of yours that I have been unaware of these past 14 years. I'm eager to see what else I have to learn about you?! The flowers appear so fresh and provide me with hope on this day of a more peaceful world for our next generations!

jim said...

We think of the ecstatic not just of the bodily cries of the sexual, but also of these necessarily spiritual ones.

Ceebie said...

Perhaps it's me reading into this, but in your second stanza I hear the horror, the fear and helplessness in the face of this calamity...Thank you for this prayer.

Becca said...

Your poem perfectly captures the feeling in my heart. And the beauty of the lilies is captured forever in those lovely beaded creations of yours.

Very appropriate and thoughtful post.