Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Animal Kids

Liliput, Sam and Molly


Well Finally It's time to show off the whole family. The top picture was not posed. I simply walked into the bedroom one morning and there they were. They had been sleeping but all sat up at attention when I got the camera. Too bad Peppermint wasn't there. She was sleeping on her favorite window sill in the kitchen that looks out over the garden and bird feeder. She gets tired of watching birds from time to time and has a little nap until she is ready to watch again.

All of these "kids" are rescues. Sam came first several months after we lost our Charlie. We found him at a nearby SPCA where he'd been returned just the day before by a distraught man who said his youngest child was allergic to dogs and they couldn't keep him. Sam was sad for a while, especially because we didn't have kids, but is now used to a laid back household. He finds children a bit demanding these days and when we have them visiting, you'll often find him sleeping under the bed. He is about 4 years old and we think a mix of some sort of terrier and possibly Daschound. He is really a gentleman and everyone who meets him absolutely adores him.

When we'd had Sam for several months he indicated to me that I wasn't enough for him. I didn't play enough was the big complaint. He'd pile toys at my feet while I worked in my studio trying to get me to move or just toss something. One day I gave in and decided to take him for a walk. I went into my bedroom to change my shoes and found Hannah the cat (now deceased), was surrounded by toys where she slept in that very same chair that's in the photo above.

So I got the message loud and clear and started looking for a companion for Sam. We met Molly a day after she'd been rescued from horrible living conditions. She hadn't been groomed in a very long time, lived outdoors, chained to a cement block and was not being fed well. She hadn't been checked by a vet, but I swore on a stack of holy books that I'd do whatever was necessary for her and provide her with a great home. We all fell immediately in love with her. Sam was elated, my mom was beside herself ... and Bill who'd been away when I adopted her, melted when he walked in the door. Her first months with us were a horror, with treatments for heart worm, surgery on both rear legs to repair her knees and then finally spaying. Today she is a happy, healthy 5 year old and is definately the one who runs the show. She's probably a mix of Maltese and Shitzuh or some other small sassy bread.

Liliput and Peppermint came home with me from the CASPCA adoption center at PetSmart last January. I'd started volunteering up there once or twice a week, feeding the cats and cleaning their cages. We'd lost our beautiful Hannah in December just before Christmas and I was missing cat love. I thought I'd get my "kitty time" by becoming a volunteer and then we wouldn't have to bring another animal into the house. Well, everyone but me knew that wouldn't work, and about 3 weeks after I'd started volunteering, I came home with Liliput and a few days later, Peppermint. Lily was about 6 months at the time and only know she was a stray. Miss Pepper, had been part of a large colony of animals owned by an animal hoarder and she was about a year old when I brought her home. Both of them adore the dogs and it's pretty mutual unless they are getting more attention than Molly.

Just a few days ago, I got an email from an animal rescue friend who lives in the SW corner of this state, telling me of the plight of many pets in Lebanon, who were not allowed to be evacuated with their American or British owners. Some were set loose in the streets, others locked in homes when their owners left. I was quickly reminded of last year's Katrina fiasco along the gulf coast, where hundreds of animals were left behind by their owners ... because they were not permitted to bring them to evacuation centers. I'm quite dissapointed to find out that things haven't changed and I will write the President and my representatives in Congress to do something about changing this situation. If enough of us write, call or fax maybe they'll hear us. I encourage you to do what you can.

I don't know about you, or if you even have animals, but my pets are the light of my life and are members of my family, who will be mourned when they pass, as any human family member will be mourned. They deserve to be treated as family members and not be left behind in situations where they cannot be cared for.

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Becca said...

What a wonderful animal family you have! Thanks for sharing their stories, and good for you for giving them all a happy ending!
I totally agree, our animals are just our "furry children," and are as much members of the family as our son and our parents.