Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dragons Above The River

This morning as we were slowly waking up to a new day, we heard the dragons coming. They hiss and spew huge flames, scaring every dog and cat in the neighborhood, with their breathy approach. They really do sound like some huge monster coming to eat you up!

In reality these dragons were several of the area's flotilla of hot air balloons that drift through the early morning or evening skies ... often right over our house and the river. This morning there were three and brought on the usual chorus of barking dogs. Our two didn't bark, just got excited and watched with us as the people up in the sky waved to us.

I've often wanted to give it a try, and told a friend that one day I'd do it. But when she set a date to go up and invited me along, I chickened out. I'd just barely gotten over my fear of flying in a plane ... I wasn't quite ready to give this a try. After all, there are no wings or stearing mechanisms except for air currents and the wind. What happens if ..... well let's not go there now. I think you get the idea.

At any rate, I may be getting ready to do it! Several nights ago we watched,
The World's Fastest Indian, a film based on the adventures of New Zealander, Burt Munro, who at age 67 brought his ancient motorcycle (the Indian, with no parachute or safety gear) to the Utah Salt Flats, breaking many world speed records over the ensuing years.

It is a wonderfully, inspiring film and I figure if he could do that, what's the problem with my going up in a hot air balloon?!? I mean, after all, I'm too old to be afraid any more. I need to get on with this life before it's too late!

Don't think I'll do it today, though!! But I'll keep you posted!!

Photos by William H. Rough, copyright 2006


Visual-Voice said...

I'll do it with ya! My family and I went up in a balloon in Park City, Utah 200 years ago.. high atop the snow and ice. It was cold and WONDERFUL. You don't hear the wind, because you BECOME it!

Becca said...

I've always thought this looked like the most tranquil, surreal experience. I think I might be able to do it - why don't you go first and tell me how it goes? :)

jzr said...

Susan, 200 years ago?? Awe, come on!! I didn't know you were that old!!

jzr said...

Becca, Maybe Susan and I will do it this coming week when she comes to visit?? We'll see!

deirdre said...

I used to live in an area that hot-air balloons flew over. Drifted is probably a better word. I'm not so sure I'd want to go up in one, but I did take an introductory flying lesson in a small plane once, years ago. Loved it. Let me know how the balloon adventure goes.

Lisa said...

ooo, Mom.... can't wait to hear about it... i hope you guys do it. i'll be happy to live vicariously through you!


brenda said...

On my way to work this morning I saw a hot air balloon rising over Mount Mansfield at the same time the sun was rising over it. It was a beautifulk image and I while I wish that I had had a camera, my greater wish was that I was in the ballon and then parachuting out. I hope you take the ride!