Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Poetry Thursday

Lilies, copyright 2006, Joan Z. Rough

May Garden

Roses palest pink
climb the trellis
their sweet bouquet
perfumes air
petals silky
like newborn skin
drift away
as the month turns
toward summer

Yellow flags
white bearded iris
sway with blue
false indigo
greening buds
of purple cone flower
lilies swollen buds
bursting fiery orange

Yesterday's shower
eases no one's fear
of summer drought
I fancy ink black clouds
resounding thunder
a heaven sent deluge
to freshen waning rills

Spiderwort's escaped
to the riverbank
where she surely finds water
to wet her thirsty feet



liz elayne said...

to wet her thirsty feet.


this is a feeling i actually know. my feet always feel thirsty in the summer. you have given me a word for the feeling.
love the images here. thank you for sharing...

deirdre said...

You've made me want color and flowers of all shapes in my garden.

Becca said...

Your poem is a beautiful water color word painting of your garden.