Sunday, June 11, 2006

Little Miracles

Dew laden Spider Web #1, copyright 1984, Joan Z. Rough

As I child, looking up at a star studded sky on an ink black night was a wonderful thing to do ... but I always felt too far away from it all ... it's all so impossibly vast and I couldn't get close enough to see what was going on.

I think that is why I've always been interested in the little worlds that exist everywhere around us ... a colony of ants ... bees visiting flowers ... spiders spinning their fine silk webs. All independent of us humans who think we run the show. The universe spreads out over our heads, going on and on forever. But it also exists right here, on and in the earth ... it also goes on and on forever. There is no beginning, no end.

These photos were taken when I first started using a camera to try to record some of the little miracles that go on everyday just beyond the blind spot that keeps us from really looking at what is around us.

Trap Door Spider In Dew Laden Web, copyright 1984, Joan Z. Rough

Tomorrow when you go outside take a minute to really look ... find a miracle in the every day world that is just beyond your blind spot.

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deirdre said...

Although I find spiders too creepy-crawly for words, your pictures are great. Thanks for the reminder to look more closely at the small worlds.