Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Home Again!

Purple Coneflower

Home again and the gift of over 4 inches of rain while I was away, made my homecoming yesterday afternoon all the more wonderful with the garden really looking beautiful. Purple coneflowers, crocosmia, and yarrow are gorgeous at the moment. Black-eyed Susans aren't far behind.

I'd stopped filling in empty spaces in the garden well over a month ago because I feared we'd be in a severe drought this summer. Just before I left for Chicago the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority declared a "Drought Watch," as area reservoirs including this one were getting low. This was intended to get people to start conserving water ... to my mind, people should always be conserving water ... then the rains came and it's still coming down.

We won't know if this will have a major impact on our water woes ... it all depends on whether the overly dry patterns we've been experiencing return or not ... and whether people will continue to conserve. For now I keep my fingers crossed and will remain at the ready to do a rain dance should it become dry again.

Although I am filled with joy over the rain, there are people who are experiencing major flooding and other difficulties because of it. My heart goes out to them, hoping that their woes will soon be over. It seems unfair that when we pray for something like rain, some people may be harmed by the good we are wishing for.

I had a rewarding time in Chicago. I'm glad to be back and feel renewed and ready for the next chapter as it unfolds.


Visual-Voice said...

welcome back! Love the coneflower image ~ perfecto!

Becca said...

Welcome home! Sometimes being away from home can refresh your spirit, just as the rain renews the dry ground.

deirdre said...

Welcome home. I always am surprised to hear about summer rain in other parts of the country. California is bone dry in summer, we should conserve more. Even after the long, very wet winter, we're hearing about about drought this year. I have to say that I love our golden hills.