Friday, June 09, 2006

My Manikin, Mirelda

This is a photo of Mirelda. I used her a number of years ago as a subject for a series of hand manipulated images I called, Playing With Dolls, which I'll go into another time.

For today, if you look at her her glazed eyes, that's how I'm feeling. I get soooo lost in this computer and so frustrated that if anyone even says my name I can't hear it. And if I do, watch out ... your head may be blown away.

The good news is that I just scheduled a 3 hour tutorial for next week with a local fellow who is going to teach me how to use this #$$%@ thing and finally get it right! So until then, I can't publish the photo I wanted to today, but I will do it next week and I hope it will be worth the wait. For me, not you!

I didn't want to let the day go by though without mentioning 2 sites I highly recommend. Both have to do with creativity and will be in my links once I learn how to post those. I've been working on that since April and still can't get that set up!

The first, is a blog, my daughter's to be exact. Her last two posts were very inspiring to me. So check those out at The two posts I'm talking about are entitled: Pro-Strife and Room to Grow.

The other place is a free newsletter I get twice a week and today's post is about healing through creativity... also inspiring for me, especially on a day like today. Called, Robert Genns Twice Weekly Letter, go to robert@the, to the June 9th letter. He always has interesting things to say about art, painting, whatever.

So, knowing that all of my problems will be taken care of next week, I plan on not sweating the blog stuff and just relaxing for now. See you all next time ... hopefully in a much better mood.


Visual-Voice said...

when I come to visit next month, I might be able to answer some techy questions for ya!! Your daughter's posts have been so compltely wonderful!!!

deirdre said...

There have been episodes of quite creative swearing going on in this room too, because of blogging. I'm learning as I go, trying to figure out stuff that makes no sense to me at all. The online tutorials aren't much help because I don't know what any of it means! So, good luck with it all. Maybe you can send some good computer energy this way. :)