Monday, June 19, 2006

Forty-One Grand Years

June 19, 1965
That was us forty-one years ago! Wow!

There we are on our trip to Alaska, 18 years later!

Just five years ago!



foxholo said...

I don't know about "best." The last 41 have been pretty hard to beat. But we'll see if we can't at least match 'em.

Lisa said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YOUS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!! we love you!

Visual-Voice said...

Happy Happy Happy Anniversary!!!

deirdre said...

Happy Anniversary!

brenda said...

Happy Anniversary Joan and Bill! ! !

Brenda and Ben

"Zed" Thomas Zabski said...

Cinderella Stories

Josephine and Joan
Wedded while war raged
First one hard, later one easier.
First hero rode in on a white horse
The next one arrived with a stubborn burro.
How is it that intense artists can stay together over all the years?
Oh the work and sacrifices you have made
Supporting each others’ grand vision, a tribute to mom it can be done again,
Ground and polished over the years in artistic perfection
Born through life long process of indomitable practice.

Ahh! Sometimes I can feel so small about this spectacle.
It’s awesome to me how folks can still devote to each other
Through the yelling and the shame and stubborn pride.
I feel like when Larry King admitted to Charlie Rose last night on the one eyed bandit
That he wouldn’t have it any other way.
Some of us are just not meant to endure together
For me, it was meant to endure with myself and to graze widely.

Oh Joan and Bill I shall not call your work with love together envy,
But rather you have done what can be done for the rest of us.
Thank you from the top of my heart with stiff salute
For holding us all together all these years
As episodes life have dragged us along.
What a family legend we all have made together!

Thank you!


paris parfait said...

A belated happy anniversary! Such lovely photos of a lovely, happy couple!