Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Solitude ... For One Deep Breath

Lotus, Joan Z. Rough, © 2006

Alone with myself
I open my heart to sun
A happy flower

Sitting in silence
I hear the wind moving sand
A happy stone

In the dark of night
I hear lonely hearts crying
I send them prayers


For more haiku go to One Deep Breath.


paris parfait said...

Gorgeous haiku and photo. I particularly like your first and last haiku - lovely and thoughtful.

susanlavonne said...

I love the progression of these...really nicely done!

deirdre said...

These are so soothing, and especially so knowing you've just come back from vacation. Nice.

Clare said...

My favourite is the third - so caring.

The first is so true for me - it is so muc easier to open my heart when I am alone.

Tammy said...

After catching my breath on that photo I took a read. Happy flowers, rocks and prayers. Awesome!

beccabee2005 said...

Welcome home! These are stunning haiku and the photo - WOW, as always you just knock my socks off with your photography. I love the way your haiku progress - they flow so nicely.

Your previous post about your vacation brought back lots of memories. We used to go to Toronto almost yearly for vacation. The Stratford Festival is also a big favorite of ours - it's only about 3 hours away, so we go quite often. It's a great little town. And I am totally with you on the resting part of vacation - very important!

Visual-Voice said...

so elegantly wonderful, and my heavens, the photo!

Lisa said...

mom, that photo simply blows me away.... and your haiku are wonderful too!


Crafty Green Poet said...

Stunning photo - wow!

Jennifer said...

love the haiku and what an incredible photo.