Saturday, September 23, 2006

Instructions ... for Sunday Scribblings

Doll, Polaroid Transfer, © 2000

The Studio clean up is well under way and is feeling so good, I had time to get inspired by Sunday Scribblings' prompt , simply called .... Instructions! See more takes on the prompt here!


I’m sick and tired of ....

Release it!

Yes, but I ....

Let it go!

But who will ....?

It doesn’t matter!

Well, somebody has to ....

Release it!

I can’t!

Then live with the consequences!

But, you see if I don’t, then ....

I can’t hear you!

Yes, you can! You just responded!

I can’t see you!

Well, what if I ....?

See ya!

Where did you go?



twitches said...

Ack! This picture really freaks me out!

jzr said...

Hey, twitiches, sorry 'bout that. This is an image from a series I did a while back. Some like you were freaked and others found them as a whole body of work, to speak to them of growth and other issues connected to that ... not necessarily always pleasantly but often, yes.

I said in my statement at the time:
"'Playing' with these aged and homeless beings (the dolls) has brought me face to face with my own fears about the process of aging and provided me with sometimes startling revisitations of my childhood."


paris parfait said...

That picture is a little bizarre - but the poem is terrific!

Autrice DelDrago said...

Hmmm... are you in the "emotional bargaining stage" of cleaning? I never seem to get past that phase. lol

And yes, the photo is a bit "freaky", but it fits.

Anonymous said...

Great poem, the photo fits perfectly!

Verity said...

Wow, this really socked it to me. Great post.

my backyard said...

I can relate to this. Thanks!

Tammy said...

Very cool! I'd love to remove the "I can't" and "what if" out of my vocabulary. Can I borrow that voice :)