Monday, September 18, 2006

Autumn Haiku ... for One Deep Breath

Migrating Monarch stops to sip nectar on Autumn Joy Sedum

Saturday will be the first day of autumn. Days are already shorter and my energy and attention span are waning. I have the urge to go to bed when it gets dark and not get up until the sun is well up in the morning. For me it's a sleepy time, curling up with a good book time, steaming hot cider or tea time, a walk in the crunchy woods time.

Here are a few haiku to set the scene. For more, go to One Deep Breath

leaves drop
scratch the window pane
wind from the north

tea grows cold
book open on the bed
afternoon nap

turns the field bright yellow
the moon is full

cool night air
trace of frost on grass
toad sleeps well

from the chimney
smells of oak and poplar
fox hunts nesting mice

feather quilt
pulled over my head
bear hibernates



Becca said...

These are so lovely, and really set the scene for fall. I especially like the last one - that's what I'm tempted to do, too!

jillypoet said...

You have such nice images, such nice verbs...drop, scratch, grows cold, and, of course, hibernates. My favorite image...I can't pick one, but I really like "toad sleeps well." Thanks for the many little snapshots.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I particularly like the goldenrod haiku. Though I can really relate to the past one!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

I love the atmosphere of this poem! lovely.

Visual-Voice said...

Love the line about the toad! :) (I've a thing for amphibians).

LuluBunny said...

All of these are beautiful!!

They make me want to huddle up under a quilt with a book and a hot cup of tea - despite the fact that it's a lovely day here today, LOL :)

Clare said...

Beautiful. I love the line "toad sleeps well"

And I too want to pull the covers over my head.

paris parfait said...

These are wonderful, so evocative of the season. I really like the third one - reminds me of the late Eva Cassidy singing "Fields of Gold."

Tammy said...

These are ALL fabulous making me excited for the excuse to hibernate :)

deirdre said...

These are all so good. I think I'm beginning to want autumn.

n.b. said...

Your haiku are so wonderful! They breathe autumn, especially read in a set like that.