Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Sea and Haiku for One Deep Breath

This is the view from the living room and deck in the beach house we are vacationing in for the next week. It's really wonderful here at this time of year. Yesterday was rainy but lovely. Otherwise we've had sun and temperatures much warmer than we expected. It's been a very relaxing, lazy time ... walks on the beach with the dogs first thing in the morning, riding my bike, naps, reading and just day dreaming. It's been hard for me to think about my blog, especially because it's been hard to get photos up ... don't know what their problem is but it's annoying. And annoying isn't allowed here at the beach.

I did write a quick haiku for One Deep Breath and you can find more here.

the sea
spewmy waves
a lone gull diving
pelicans dipping in the surf

Hopefully I'll be back with more before we leave this gorgeous place.


Anonymous said...

This is lovely, and the haiku is perfect (love the work "spewmy"!)

How nice you were able to bring the dogs! We looked into renting on the beach once in North Carolina, but couldn't find a place that would let us bring Magic and Molly :(

deirdre said...

I'm glad you've banished annoyance from the beach. What a great idea! Annoyance begone.

Crafty Green Poet said...

What a lovely view! Lovely fib too.

AnnieElf said...

This is almost like a painting. Beautiful photo. Like that spewmy word too. Energetic and unexpected use of a word with negative connotations. I like!

paris parfait said...

Lovely poem to match the view! Sounds like a wonderful experience.

Visual-Voice said...

are you back? I feel a bit jealous looking at this picture, but very happy for you! Like the poem, of course!