Thursday, November 02, 2006

Photography Exhibition ... for Poetry Thursday

Yes, I'm back and I will post some photos from my vacation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina sometime in the next couple of days. It was a wonderfully relaxing time but I'm glad to be home.

This week's prompt for Poetry Thursday is to reflect on a favorite line of poetry or quote. I wrote this poem a number of years ago when I was deeply involved in exhibiting my photos. The above image is the invitation to my last exhibition in 1998.

Photography Exhibition

How can I say things that are pictures?
Tony Morrison

Split second

Flooded with light


Portraits of myself
Behind the lens


Hung like clothes
In the sun
To dry



Anonymous said...

Lovely. Two weeks ago I was at a birthday party and the birthdaygirl's father is a well-established painter. He gave a great little speech about her personality- by color and shape and pattern. Wow.

brian said...

Hi Joan.

Great poem and I love the vacation pics. I have moved my blogs to wordpress.

Anonymous said...

I find your doll quite disturbing to look at...but your poem is just amazing...words very carefully crafted and woven...

Anonymous said...

Wow. Very nice. I especially liked "Memory Shadow". Thanks for sharing!

michelle said...

Great choice. I love that last statement:

Hung like clothes
In the sun
To dry

Sad to say that I don't read enough Morrison. Perhaps I should start. Thank you!

* That photo is hauntingly beautiful. I wonder what the rest of your doll series looks like.

Anonymous said...

What a great description of photos - those last three lines really draw it all up into a perfect little bundle.