Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Mother's legacy ... for one deep breath

Mom before her diagnosis playing "choo choo" with great grandson Noah

The prompt on One Deep Breath this week is "legacy." Here is haibun about my favorite teacher, my mom.

At 83, she has lung cancer, emphysema and a host of other small dilemmas grinding away at her her body. The cancer has been treated with chemo. It’s dimished but not gone ... still hanging in there in one small spot.

tangled in her breathing tube
she says *#@+
then giggles

shrugs and smiles
confesses a great life
laughs at the smallest provocation

“Chemo brain fog,” renders her confused and shaky. It may get better with time, but probably not ... especially if she decides to do more chemo. She’s taking a break now. Will reconsider in three months after the next scan.

losing names dates
forgetting fouls the road
confusing conversation

I ask her to give me her keyes. Anger at first, then peace, as if she’s relieved. Now she says it’s the best thing she has done for herself ... is celebratory.

her spirit shines
through clouded days
she is my mother

teaching her children
hope eternal love



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful legacy of love and strength she's leaving for all of you :)

Thanks for sharing these lovely bits of her story.

deirdre said...

Beautiful, perfect. Your fierce love shines through your writing. What an amazing woman your mother is, as you already know.

susanlavonne said...

The wonderful photograph spoke volumes about your mom to start but your wonderfully written words emphasize even more what courage and spirit she possess...beautiful haibun...thank you for sharing :-)

paris parfait said...

Your bittersweet poems and post brought tears to my eyes, as someone in my own family is struggling in with elements of illness. Your mom's strength and humour are an important legacy not only for you, but for her grandchildren. Thanks for this lovely post.

G said...

Your post has left me speechless; your words are painfully beautiful. My very best wishes to you and your mom.

Visual-Voice said...

Knowing both you and your mom, this poem just nails it. She is a force of life and inspiration... she's so brave and beautiful. I love this poem!!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful. Emphysema is such a horrid disease. My mother had it also, died at 71.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

An absolutely beautiful, loving poem about legacy and spirit. much peace, JP

Bice Sagan said...

great haibun... I'm going through the same with my mom. I wish you strength for this journey.

Shelley said...

What gifts you are giving each other!

Thank you for sharing this.