Monday, October 02, 2006

Books and Reading .... for One Deep Breath

Reading is one of my most favorite things and I'm a bookaholic. I cannot go into a bookstore without buying just one more. If this addiction were to alcohol and drugs, I'd be one sick puppy! But thankfully it's just books!! So my response to One Deep Breath's prompt to books and reading was quick and simple. Go here for more on the subject.

the book on the table
tempts me with its pages
delicious words
capture my senses
meaning ambrosial

reading through the night
story binds me to the past
the sweet history of breathing
flavors the dark with love
no time for sleep

i’ve drifted away
on somebody else’s raft
words keep me afloat
clinging to meaning
i survive an angry sea



Visual-Voice said...

i love the line about drifting away on somebody's raft. lovely.

susanlavonne said...

i love the words you select and use so well...ambrosial, binds, flavors, clinging...
"words keeping me afloat"...your imagery is also "delicious"

Anonymous said...

Bookaholics unite! Our numbers are growing (just like my bookshelves LOL)

I agree with Susan - I love your descriptions of reading. "Delicious words," "meaning ambrosial" - there definitely is "no time for sleep"!

kerrdelune said...

Ambrosial, delicious, binding, drifting - there are lovely words here, and they sing together in the most wonderful way.

Sioux said...

"I've drafted away on someone else's raft"...yes!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

lovely poem ... and ode to lovers of books!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I'm a bookaholic too! Lovely use of words here.

Sandy said...

Oh my god, I have been on that raft too, and didn't want to come back! All great haiku!

Tammy said...

These were all awesome and that last one was exceptional!

Hello my name is Tammy and I'm a bookaholic ;)

deirdre said...

It's time to curl up in bed with a good book during these autumn nights. Your poetry reminds me that addiction is not always a bad thing.

Jodi said...

I can relate to "reading through the night..." I've stayed up way too late on many occasions when reading a good book.

Catherine said...

"words keep me afloat" - that's an image that really struck me - thanks!

ian russell said...

super haiku - huckleberry finn is one of my favourites so i love the idea of being on a drifting raft. :o)

AnnieElf said...

>Surviving an angry sea<
Perfect expression of a book's power to save.

paris parfait said...

Fantastic poems! I especially like the last one. Like you, I´m a bookaholic. Today I even bought Carlos Ruiz Zafon´s new novel in Spanish (ever the optimist that I´ll actually learn it and will someday be able to read it).