Friday, October 06, 2006

The Body .... for Poetry Thursday

from Nicolaides The Natural Way To Draw, © 1942

This weeks prompt on Poetry Thursday is ... the body. So I dug out this mrs heartwell poem that "fits perfectly."

body tone

ignoring fleshy overflow
mrs heartwell wriggles
into tights and leotard
drives ten miles at six a m
to the fitness farm
where she huffs and puffs
lifts weights
attempts pushups
watches her body
bounce across glass

eardrums protected
with plugs of foam
she can’t hear
the instructor
barking commands
only the beat bumping
from speakers overhead
she just follows
the crowd pressing
harder and harder
fading in and out
like the dark



Dewy Knickers said...


Why is it we push our bodies so hard? To fit in? To belong. Great poem it asks as many questions as it answers.

Thanks for stopping by again, I enjoy your visits. You are more than welcome to come by daily, we have a lot of fun. We are even getting T-shirts made.

DK xo

Tammy said...

LOL Enjoyed the visual workout!

Visual-Voice said...

You just can't serve up enough of Mrs. Heartwell.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I will be thinking of Mrs. Heartwell, next time I'm on my way to the fitness farm!