Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Big Blue ... for One Deep Breath

After three days of gray clouds and flooding rains (5 1/4 " ), the sun came out yesterday, revealing one of the most gorgeous October days I can remember. Big Blue, as we call a our resident Great Blue Heron, perched on our dock taking in the warmth of the day.

I wrote the following for One Deep Breath's prompt, to contribute something about the countryside. Find more here.

big blue preens
gossamer plumage
at his feet frogs forage
dappled morning light plays
in groves of scarlet maples


S.L. White said...

It's been a heron year for me too, watching them... but we have no resident one here. This is a wonderful tribute to the bird and the day!

GreenishLady said...

What a great picture. The dignity of a heron's stance always catches me. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

He does look regal as you have described. I only wish an accompanying wider angle had been included so we might see the scarlet maples as well!

Sandy said...

Wow! Sounds lovely. I can tell you enjoy your space.
Nice haiku.

Tammy said...

You imagery was devine! Enjoyed watching him taking it all in through your words :)

Anonymous said...

He is definitely the king of his world. A lovely picture and haiku...I especially love the lines
"dappled morning ligh plays ~ in groves of scarlet maples." Describes it beautifully!

Catherine said...

It sounds like a wonderful place that you live in.

paris parfait said...

Such a wonderful photo and poem! I like watching blue herons. There are lots of them in France and I´ve seen a couple in southern Spain.

AnnieElf said...

How utterly magical in all ways. This so reminds me of my Uncle Cap's backyard (from my youth). Such a beautiful memory.