Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Our Blue Planet

Our Blue Planet

I delivered this letter today to 3 local newspapers.

The Daily Progress
P.O.Box 9030
Charlottesville, VA 2290

Dear Sirs:

I am sure that with the release of An Inconvenient Truth now playing at our own Vinegar Hill Movie Theater, the recent airing of Tom Brokaw’s program on the Discovery Channel and much coverage in national as well as local newspapers, that the public is aware of the dire consequences of ignoring our continued release of excessive carbon gases into our atmosphere.

I would like to congratulate Mayor Brown and the Charlottesville City Council on their endorsement the “U. S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement” on July 17th. This agreement specifies a reduction in CO2 pollution in order to slow global warming along with a program of environmentally sound practices that each of the participating cities can use toward that effort.

I am writing to suggest that one of the first things that the Mayor and City Council can do is to come up with an ordinance requiring all retailers in the city to close their doors rather than leave them open, as at least 5 businesses in the Barracks Road Shopping Center do. These businesses are of the belief that an open door will bring in more customers.

As temperatures climb this week into three digit numbers, I am more and more concerned that this blatant denial on the part of these large energy consumers is helping in a big way to make matters as bad as they are. And since we buy their products we are of course feeding the fire.

I myself will not spend my money in any stores that insist on contributing to our dire situation by participating in this practice. I ask that those so inclined join me in a boycott of these businesses until they pitch in with the rest of us to help provide our children and grandchildren a healthy planet on which to grow up.


Joan Z. Rough

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paris parfait said...

Hooray for you for taking action! Well done.