Friday, August 04, 2006

Moonlight Sonata ... for Poetry Thursday

Lilies, Joan Z. Rough © 2006

This weeks prompt was to write about a song. I don't think that the Moonlight Sonata would qualify as a "song," but none-the-less it is music. Enjoy!

Moonlight Sonata

The moon holds its breath
as it climbs crusty limbs
fireflies inform the dark
pinpricks of light
under a bell-jar-sky

Cicadas overwhelm
Beethoven escaping
through open windows
notes falter
begin to rise once more

Agreement flirts with chaos
self-destructing stars plunge
their tails sparking dreams
veiled in cobwebs
nameless faces revisit
moonstruck nights
touching the piano’s heart
lunar reflections
embroidered with sound

The moon blinks
surrenders the dark
scent of morning
drifts from waking lilies



Cynthia said...

I like the moonlight color of the flower and love the poem. I know I really like it when I think...Wow, I wish I had written that.

twitches said...

LOTS of wonderful images here...very nicely done.

liz elayne said...

under a bell jar sky

all these images...fantastic.
thank you for sharing this...
(and i wrote about a tango...not exactly a song either all the same)

Visual-Voice said...

this one is luscious!

Tammy said...

Your imagery was exceptional! Brava!

Becca said...

"Lunar reflections embroidered with sound" - love it! I think I'll copy this out and tuck in my Beethoven Piano Sonata's book for inspiration when I play the "Moonlight."

Dana said...

Great imagery throughout, and the last lines "scent of morning
drifts from waking lilies," are really spectacular.

paris parfait said...

Absolutely stunning imagery in your poem! And Moonlight Sonata is one of my favourite pieces to play on the piano (back when I had a piano).