Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Dimensionality of Sound

The Far Shore On A Rainy Day

The Dimensionality of Sound

Haze flattens the far shore
a dense tapestry
green on green
seared in summer's sizzle

Air thick with expectation
an orange disk of moon
shrinks as it rises
its mirrored image
broken only by fish feeding
on the river's flawless face

Sounds of night envelop me
the rasping of katydids
crickets toads tree frogs
an urgent throbbing
beneath the surface
as August takes the helm



Becca said...

Absolutely lovely! You captured that August haze perfectly in the photo and in the poem. Loved these lines.."an urgent throbbing~beneath the surface~as August takes the helm

I'll probably be back a few more times this August to re-read this one.

paris parfait said...

Stunning poem and photo to match! Just brilliant. Reminds me of where I grew up.