Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Drunk And Women With Doves

The Drunk, Joan Z. Rough © 1998

Here are few more photos from my At The Gates Series. This rather surreal subject matter becomes even stranger when photographed with the plastic toy camera. Though these images are technically still lifes, the camera's flaws bring life to them. I like to think that The Drunk has seen the light and will leave his addiction behind ... that the Women With Doves will release their charges into the sky bringing an end to all war.

Women With Doves, Joan Z. Rough © 1998

In this photo, Praying Hands, I was trying to capture the lack of trust I feel in organized religion. My early childhood experiences with the church led me to follow a path of my own making in which God or Energy or Being is more kinder and gentler than I was originally led to believe. While I used to believe that all prayers were empty words, I've since come to believe in their power.

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paris parfait said...

I love these odd photos, along with your words. Wonderful!