Sunday, May 28, 2006


It's been a busy time for Bill with his "night job," directing Arthur Miller's, All My Sons, at Charlottesville's Live Arts. He is out most nights until 11 pm rehearsing and is usually exhausted on the nights he doesn't have anything scheduled. This week it will be even later as the production opens this coming Friday night. But last night we managed to go out on a "date" ... a luscious dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and a movie.

The movie, Water, directed by Toronto-based Deepa Mehta, is a must see. It is the third in her trilogy that began with Fire, in 1996, followed by Earth, in 1998. I have not seen those films but they will definately go on our Netflix list of things to see.

Water, is one of those films I'd like to have on my "movie shelf." It is an achingly poignant and beautiful film about love, faith and change. Set in India in the 1930s, the story revolves around a group of widows, who in Indian society are forced to live apart from the rest of the world in poverty. Set by ancient interpretations of sacred texts, widows can still be found living in India under these same conditions, as untouchables and "spiritual pollution." Though the film is definately "dark" in nature, it also has a lighter side, with the youngest widow, at age seven, providing moments of humor. The teachings and the rise of Ghandi, bring hope and renewal, in a world gone mad. In the background is always the Ghanges ... the sacred river ... sacred water. This film gives us a glimpse of 1930s India, but there are moments when that world, reminded me of this world ... the one we live in today.

If you haven't seen this one, put it on your list!

Photo by Joan Z. Rough, Water Reflection #1


Cam said...

JZR, I found you blog through PoetryThursday. Your blog is beautiful. Considered seeing 'Water' last weekend, but did not. Reading your post, I hope I can get to the theatre while it is still running.

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