Thursday, May 18, 2006

Poetry Thursday

This past week I joined Poetry Thursday, a group of people dedicated to publishing poetry on their blogs every Thursday. The idea is to encourage bloggers to read and/or write poetry and to share the wonderful worlds they discover through this practice. One does not need to be a poet to join this group. You can post your favorite poems that others have written. For more information go to

I have been writing poetry on and off for a number of years. Lately it's been mostly off. I'm hoping that Poetry Thursday will be a kick in the butt that will inspire me to start filling blank pages with verse once again. Right now I have several ideas cooking but they aren't ready yet. So in the spirit of just beginning, I decided to share a poem that I wrote quite a while ago and has always been one of my favorites. It was one of those that just arrived almost fully written. I wish they all came that easily but they don't.

Thank you to the co-hosts of Poetry Thursday, Liz Elayne and Lynn, who came up with this idea and went forward with it. I think I'm going to enjoy this!

An Apple A Day

Yesterday I watched an angel
flutter through the supermarket
she lingered over the produce
sampled carrots and grapes
polished apples
until they reflected stars
and a tipsy moon hanging
over tasseled fields of corn
I bought the apples
ate one at lunchtime

I saw her again this morning
standing at the side of the road
tangled wings trailing behind her
I stopped to ask if she needed a lift
she shook her head pointed toward
the light plating the river
red and orange banks of cloud
a dragonfly wrapped in sticky threads
I went home ate another apple

This evening the moon filled
my room with laughter
as I climbed into bed
the angel came to my window
burnished the glass with her feathers
until it melted away


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