Wednesday, May 03, 2006

On The River

On The River

There are no stop signs
reflective water flows
drop by drop
until it reaches the sea
evaporates in chilled night air
forming specters of mist
that sweep the surface
at dawn

Big blue wades
through cattails
stands frozen
eyeing his breakfast
stabs the water
with pointed beak
swallowing before I see
what it is he has caught

Canada geese
announce their arrival
loud squawks proclaiming
this section of river
as their own

I’ve flown in
like the geese
built my nest
on this lofty bluff
where stop and start
days become seamless
slip freely over and around
obstacles man-made
and otherwise even the dam
built to contain the river
is but a stopgap measure
ceaseless currents eroding
concrete earth steel

My words
are breaking free
they flow untended
by reason or guilt
connecting me
like the river
to the sea


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Spindrift said...

Hello, Just wandering the blogosphere and here I am at your blog. I enjoy the style of how you have put it all together. I'll be coming back again.


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