Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rainy Day On The River

Rainy Day On The River

No wind the river still
except for rain drops
charging the surface
with endless rings

A gander and his lady
herd four goslings
through grass
graze on greening shoots
the rain has raised
mockingbirds fledge
hissing their location to parents
who encourage their dispersal

Earth drinks the offering
through a parched canopy
of red clay eager roots
thickly woven a rich brocade
softens with moisture
earth tones trill
while seeds of change
grow swollen


It's raining a little bit. We need much, much more but I am grateful for each drop.


paris parfait said...

Such a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing it. And I hope you get more rain!

abhay k said...

I loved the last para the most...while the seeds of change grow swollen...a very meaningful poem..
Thanks for sharing it