Saturday, May 20, 2006

Cat Bird

This is Lilliput (Lilly for short) drinking from the bird bath. She is the largest cat bird I've ever seen, though she is a diminutive cat. She follows me around while I work in the garden and loves to climb trees, jumping from branch to branch. Yesterday as I was getting out of the shower I saw her climb into a tree and then jump down onto an occupied bluebird box. Alarmed, I quickly threw on some clothes and went out hoping to avert a disaster. By the time I got there she had figured out that she couldn't get inside the box and the bluebird parents were dive bombing her. Off she ran looking for another kind of mischief.

I really do love her, but sometimes I hate her!


Lisa said...

She reminds me of Sebastian.... my sweet boy. He has such a calming affect over all of us. Last night, he came downstairs and sat on the couch with us while we watched a movie... and we left the bathroom door open so he could explore overnight.... we have yet to see him this morning. He must have found a new hiding place!


Visual-Voice said...

she looks rather enormous!! I love cats!!!