Thursday, October 11, 2007

Socks and other thoughts ...

After our October heat wave, when temps were in the 90's, for Pete's sake, finally the cool down. It isn't supposed to reach 70 degrees today and that's fine with me. I'm ready for sweaters and socks! I love to wear socks and the crazier the better! I love having happy feet! I have several more pairs of these cotton wonders in different color schemes. In case you can't tell, I love color!!

The leaves are beginning turn orange and yellow here and it's lovely. Although I love the fall colors and the sunshine, I really wouldn't mind a gray week of nothing but rain so that the ground would get wet and my sad garden would be happy again, knowing that it will make it through the winter. The last measurable rain we had was on September 14th with a total of one-half inch of rain for that month. So far no precipitation has fallen in October.

On Saturday my husband and I, plus Sam and Molly our dogs, will load up the car and head to the Outer Banks for a bit. Every October we rent a house just outside of Duck, North Carolina where we spend the first days with our daughter, her partner and our best-in-the-whole-wide-world grandkids. Then my sweetie and I have the remaining days to ourselves, to read, meditate to the sound of the surf and walk along the shore with our pups who don't like the water, but love to find and eat smelly, dead things that the tide has left behind.

October is peaceful and quiet on the Banks. There are few people about except on the weekends when, if the weather is good, they do show up, but not in the numbers that summer brings. Alot of the shops are closed or getting ready to close, except for one of my favorite bookstores. The best restaurants are still serving delicious coastal treats. And I really don't mind if it rains while we're there. It's the best weather for jigsaw puzzles, mugs of hot tea and little beading projects that I bring along with me.

The cats will hold down the fort here with a good friend who loves to stay at our house when we are away. I hope to be doing some posting on this blog if I can. I've been having some problems lately with uploading photos. For instance I can't figure out how that white stripe at the bottom of the photo got there. It is NOT in the photo. So, my posts may be minus photos, though I'll do my best.


marja-leena said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation - have a relaxing time! I've been hinting to my husband that we need to go to our favourite spot on the west coast of Vancouver Island for a similar restoring retreat and maybe some storm watching.

Olivia Kroth said...

Hello Joan,

thank you for sending me a comment to put on my blog.

I do not think that the white stripe at the bottom of your photo is disturbing at all. I wouldn't even have noticed it, hadn't you mentioned it. Posts with photos are much more interesting than those without, don't you think so?

Have a good vacation in North Carolina!

Becca said...

That sounds like a marvelous trip ~enjoy!

And I love the socks!

Lucy said...

Have a wonderful time, looking forward to seeing some pictures when you get back.
The socks are lovely, are they hand-knitted?

paris parfait said...

Hope you have a wonderful holiday! Love the socks.

Isabelle said...

Lovely socks. It won't reach 70, eh? Here, I doubt if we had more than a couple of days over 70 all summer!

Have a good holiday.

Olivia Kroth said...

Hello Joan,

when will you be back? Please let us know with a new post soon. I have been looking at your fantastically coloured woolen socks very often in the last few days and just kept wondering: When will she be back?