Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More From The Beach ...

Here are a few more photos from our vacation. This image was taken at sunrise from the deck of the house we were staying in. Each morning was more spectacular than the morning before until the second week when the clouds came rolling in. Sunset too could be spectacular over Currituck Sound.

Every moment of every day held gifts for the senses ... soft sand between my toes ... the sight of pelicans diving into the sea scooping up fish in their big bills ... the smell and taste of salt air ... flocks of ducks in vee formation heading south ... the shocking warmth of the surf on my feet and legs ... sand crabs sideling out of my way ... clouds of sanderlings running along the water's edge ... the laughter of children ... sandcastles with pine cone turrets ... kites flying high on late afternoon breezes.

A Gull Prowling The Surf Line

Bill and 4 year old Noah Watching The Sea

Zoe ( 7 years old) In Her Rose Colored Glasses

Zoe and Noah Resting On A Live Oak Tree

I could go on and on describing the pleasures of this time with my family in these peaceful surroundings. The simplicity of these moments mean so much to me as I try to navigate through this crazy world. I have nothing but gratitude for the fact that these two children are not living in the midst of war as are the children of Iraq ... they are not starving as are the children in Darfur ... they are secure and happy in their surroundings.


Lucy said...

So many delights, both in pictures and writing! Bill and Noah is one of the best, but all are great.

marja-leena said...

Sounds like a perfect holiday. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos, including those of your grandchildren. Great to have you back.

Olivia Kroth said...

Those are wonderful photos of your family and the beauty of nature.
I chose the first photo to write a haiku for you, Joan:

the sun is rising -
a golden ball sending red
beams over water

Isabelle said...

Beautiful pictures. I too love the one of the big chap and the little chap just having some together time.

Olivia Kroth said...

children in a tree
two birds nesting together
peaceful and caring

Visual-Voice said...

"sandcastles with pine cone turrets" I love that image!

So glad you had such a wonderful time!

jzr said...

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments and the lovely haiku by Olivia!

paris parfait said...

This post is filled with delights - the gorgeous photos, your evocative words, the smiles on the happy faces of the children. How I'd love to be on a beach right now, experiencing much of what you describe so beautifully. And yes, our (Western) children are lucky.