Monday, October 29, 2007

Coming Home Can Be So Hard To Do ....

Yes, I'm home and it was hard to leave the beach and freedom from stress and long lists of things to do. But I am glad to be back now after some adjustment time. I like my own bed better and was growing tired of sandwiches and meals that weren't to my liking most of the time. You see, we get REALLY lazy and eat out or put together whatever is easiest ... not always the best tasting or the healthiest. I'm going to change that next year. I normally love to cook and eat, but when I'm away often get out the habit.

But I still miss the peace, the sound of that gorgeous ocean pounding away on the shore, sea birds, dolphins, good books, bike rides, walks on the beach, jigsaw puzzles and time to talk.

When I got home on Saturday afternoon and went to the grocery store to get something for dinner, I was taken aback by the crowds. Some people pushed and shoved to get to the check out line. I gave up and went back on Sunday morning when most people were still sleeping. You'd think I had been away from this life for years. As I get older I seem to grow more intolerant of crowds and my own rushing about like a headless chicken.

Bill reading with Sam

While we were away we recieved 6 and 5/8ths inches of rain here at home ... a most precious gift. The garden looks great in it's autumnal scraggley state. Yesterday I dug up some tender herbs to bring indoors as our first frost was predicted. Sure enough, this morning everything was coated with frost and looked quite wintery.

We had rain at the beach, too. North Carolina is also suffering from drought. But rainy days on the ocean are always welcome. I got lots of reading done and a little bit of beading.

Molly 'n' Me As I Read


Kate I said...

How peaceful your retreat at the beach looks! Times like this seem to be more essential to the soul as we get older...we become peace seekers in so many ways.

paris parfait said...

Good to have you back! That is a gorgeous photo! It must have been hard to leave such a wonderful place. And I, too can't stand the shoving, pushing crowds - takes all the fun away from the task at hand.

deirdre said...

It sounds so peaceful and relaxing. It must be difficult to come back to real life after that serenity.

Star said...

The beach in your photo looks so inviting. A place to wander and think and just be.

Glad to have you back.

Becca said...

Welcome home! The re-entry into life in the real world can be a bit rude, even when welcomed. It sounds as if you had a lovely, restful time.

And my Molly (and Magic, too) both lay just like that at my feet when I'm reading ;)