Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ice On The River!

7 AM, December 9, 2006

This morning we had ice on the river for the first time this fall. It won't last long. Tomorrow and the beginning of the week will be near 60 degrees F again. Boo!! Hiss!! We have way too much warm weather here. I want a bit of winter at least in December for the holidays!!

The meadow still hasn't been mowed but it's just gorgeous in the early morning sun with frost on the grasses and blackberry canes. I'll post more photos in the coming days of this morning's spectacular ice show!!


Becca said...

It's been unseasonably warm here in Michigan too -makes it hard to get in the holiday spirit! I went to work with only a sweater today.

deirdre said...

This picture gives me the shivers! It's pouring here tonight, was frosty last week, and there were some sunny days between - strange weather.