Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Gateway ... in Cornwall, England, © Joan Z. Rough, 2004

Here we are about to leave the old year 2006, to enter into the New Year, 2007. What will it hold for us? Where will we be one year from now? Will the world be at peace? Will I be able to live each day to its fullest? Will I be able to recognize a ray of light even in the darkest hour?

It's been a tough year here at my house. My mom's health has been a big factor as well as the health of the planet and that of our country. I've felt very gloomy at times ... hopeless ... helpless ... unable to see the light. But with the changing of the year and the lengthening days, I am feeling a bit optimist for a change.

I'm suffering from a bit of "empty nest" syndrome at the moment. My kids left home years ago ... my son will turn 40 in a few months and my daughter will be 37 in May. It's not them I miss so much, it's my mom. She's been living with us for over 5 years. I miss her "good morning"s, her sneaking cigarettes out behind the house and her fiesty good humor.

She is now safe and happy in a nearby nursing home/rehab facility, where hopefully she will learn to walk again and to continue to be an inspiration to everyone around her. She has a tough road ahead. On top of emphysema, lung cancer and osteoporosis, she has bones that need healing and muscles that need strengthening. It's a "one day at a time" challenge filled with acceptance, acceptance and more acceptance.

I was recently reminded of the words of Thomas Merton: "This day will not come again." And so it is with humbleness that I carry these words with me into the new year and hope that I will remember them each morning as I open my eyes to greet the great unknown that fills each day. I would like to hold every moment as special and recognize in each day, great learning and clear light.

I wish all of you, my friends and family, a bright year ahead, filled with the joy of living! Happy New Year!!

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Brian said...

I wish you a peaceful year in 2007 and hope that your life will once again make sense.

Becca said...

Joan, this was a wonderful post, and great reminder to keep thinking of the light even when things look dark.

Thank you for your words and beautiful photos. They are always enriching to me. I've loved meeting you this past year.

May 2007 bring peace for you and your family, and for our world.

paris parfait said...

I'm so glad to hear your mom is making progress. And thanks for the reminder of the beautiful Thomas Merton quote. Wise words for the new year! Hope yours is a good one.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I hope your Mum continues to make progress. I can imagine the empty nest feeling you're facing. Have a peaceful 2007.

Rethabile said...

A thought for your mom. And hopefully a very good 2007 for you all.

deirdre said...

I hope this year is an easier one for you. Your mother sounds like someone who fills a lot of space - no wonder you miss her being around the house.

sundaycynce said...

Acceptance: a good word if a difficult concept. It is hard to accept aging in oneself but perhaps as much or more in one's parents. But acceptance of the changes that cannot be reversed clears the way to appreciate what still is--like your mother's indomitable spirit and her humor--and new avenues and resources that may show themselves. It really sounds like you have a pretty good grasp of it all.

May you enjoy the love as well as peace and new joys in 2007.

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