Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Close Up ... for One Deep Breath

Lotus Seed Pod, Joan Z. Rough © 2006

This weeks prompt for One Deep Breath is "close up."

asleep within
swollen spheres
seeds of life

slender roots expand
in water’s fecund flow
goldfish spawning

in summer sun
lotus blossoms flourish
cycle unbroken



susanlavonne said...

first the photograph took my breath away...then again when i read your haiku
i would site the lines that i liked best, but would end up just quoting the entire piece...truly an incredible response tot his week's prompt :-)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Truly stunning photo and three excellent haiku too. Well done!

Becca said...

That photo is absolutely astounding, and so is the haiku. I agree with Susan, every line is a stunner. And the alliteration is marvelous.


Tammy said...

The photo was great but your haiku made it even better. Well done!

Bice said...

fecund flow

What a great phrase. This was actually a nice triplet. Intriging photo BTW.

getzapped said...

Very interesting image. Your ku's are just as interesting!

Endment said...

I can only be an echo - beautiful photography perfect match of words