Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weather Patterns ...

I rather like the weather pattern we're in ... a couple of days of cool, rain ... then a couple of days of warm sunshine. But you can't please everyone! People who are growing veggie plants to sell are saying the cool, damp times are slowing the growth of their seedlings and it will take a bit longer than expected before they are ready for my garden. Well, I'm not in a hurry. We're still below average in rainfall for the year. I've started a few plants of my own and they seem to be doing fine. I harvested some baby arugula the other day to top off my avocado/egg salad sandwich. Very yummy and a taste of what is to come.

For me, this weather is a back saver. After a few days of bending, stooping and being on my feet in the garden, I can rest up, do inside chores, like bake bread, do laundry. But I can also do some reading, write in my journal and listen to the rain on the roof. Then, just about the time, a hint of cabin fever kicks in and my back is feeling fine again, I'm back out in the garden. It's great!!

Everything is growing beautifully and it's redbud season here with the dog woods blooming simultaneously. It doesn't necessarily happen every year, but when it does it is really lovely. Besides being a decorative tree and a native of the area, the blossoms are nice added to a green salad with a bit of a sweet taste.

I know it's been snowing in Colorado, there are twisty tornadoes about in the south and out in the Los Angeles area they are having a heat wave. Our turn will come, I'm afraid, for some nastiness. But in the meantime, I love what we've got!!

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Lucy said...

Those redbuds look like what we call Judas trees; I posted a picture of one once and another American blogger said it was a redbud, and you could eat the flowers. I tentatively nibbled at one the other day, it was slightly acid and sweet, but am hesitant until I have a positive confirmation!

Go carefully with your back...