Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving ...

Anya Grace Allison Zabski, November 14, 2007

What a bittersweet week it's been! We had a house full of family from New England to celebrate an early holiday season and to be here for an informal get together of my mother's closest friends and care givers. We toasted her with tea and traded stories of her life which came to an end on May 21st after a 2 year battle with lung cancer and emphysema.

The sweetness of the week was having my brothers here along with my nephew, his wife and my-oh-so-special grand neice, Anya, who was born 9 days after my mother died. Anya is now five and a half months old and just as beautiful and well behaved as a wee one can be. This was the first time that I have seen her in person. She is full of smiles and I like to think that she learned the word "Hi!" and to wave at the same time while she was here, under my tutelage! There is nothing like a small child to take your mind off of the serious problems and issues of any day. In the spring, if we get a good wet winter, we'll plant 2 trees in our garden ... one to honor my mother and her life and the other for Anya and her just beginning life. Maybe I'll be able to get them to come back for that event!!

The bitter part, of course, was not having my mother here and the realization that she will also not be here for the real holidays ... another step on the rocky road called mourning. Also, my daughter couldn't be here ... she herself going through challenging times. There were other family members missing as well. Now the house is once again empty and the dust is settling back into the corners and crevices and we march on to the next chapter in this glorious mystery we are living.

As Thanksgiving week begins to unfold, there is much to be thankful for ... the first and not least, is the wonderfully supportive family I have and the many dear friends and strangers who came to our aid while my mother was dying. She was cared and prayed for with great tenderness by all. I would like to express a heartfelt thanks to you all. May the blessings of the coming season be upon all of you, including all of my blogger friends who have sent their prayers and support throughout the difficult times.


marja-leena said...

What blessings to have such a beautiful family, especially the children. They give us joy and hope for the future while we mourn those who've passed on. Happy Thanksgiving!

deirdre said...

I'm so grateful to have become part of this community, to walk through sadness and celebration with you and all the other people I've "met" along the way.

I hope your Thanksgiving will be filled with memories of what has been as well as anticipation of the good things to come.

Becca said...

Such a lovely post, Joan, and a reminder to be thankful for the blessings, even in the midst of sorrows.

Your little niece is adorable, and will always have a special place in your family, being born so soon after your mom's death.

What a beautiful reminder of the future :)

tongue in cheek said...

May the trees grow strong and shade one another, maytheir branches intertwine creating a crown for those who walk underneath.

Blessings to you this holiday.

Visual-Voice said...

Your words resonate with me as I go through a difficult time as well. These dark nights of the soul are opportunities to not only welcome the shadow aspects of ourselves and the human condition, but to bow to them. It sounds as though the gathering of family and friends to remember your mother did this... honoring her life with all the tears and joys that were associated with it. I am learning to be thankful for both the beauty and the mess, for without them both, we would not be wise, three-dimensional, creative and interesting people.

Thanks so much for being my friend. I've learned gobs from you.


Lucy said...

Wishing you strength and good heart through this time, and may you always have the joy in things coming full circle. She's an adorable little girl!

paris parfait said...

I'm glad you had so many loved ones around you, to help through the mourning. That little face is just precious! Am grateful our paths have crossed through this wacky world of blogging! xo