Monday, November 26, 2007

November Garden

Japanese Maple in November, © Joan Z. Rough, 2007

I'm sure I've mentioned before that the fall is my favorite season here in Virginia. I suppose that if I lived in some other region of the country, I might choose a different season to love the most ... but right here, right now it's the fall. It has been an exceptional season for color this year, despite the drought, which many said would cause the colors to be drab and muddy. To the contrary, they have been vibrantly alive. The leaves are falling quickly now and as if part of a colorful fiesta, they dance across the meadow as the wind picks them from the trees, blowing them to and fro. I listen for the clash of symbols as they settle to the ground, an oboe mourning the loss of yet another year. A cello, violas and violins
the undercurrent of things to come.

Fallen Leaves, © Joan Z. Rough, 2007

In stillness the leaves make magical layered patterns on the ground where they lay and I'm happy tromping through piles of them making crunching sounds and inhaling the sweet autumnal perfume held in chilled afternoon air.

American Beauty Berry, © Joan Z. Rough, 2007

This is the time for beauty berries. Their purple so out of place in the rusty toned atmosphere of the season. I've picked branches to bring into the house, but alas, the berries fall off quickly in the warmth of the house.

November, Late Afternoon, © Joan Z. Rough, 2007

The weeping cherry is the first tree to lose its leaves in the fall. Lined up against the sunlit pussy willow, still holding onto its leaves tightly, the cherry's bones of trunk and branches stand out.

November Afternoon, © Joan Z. Rough, 2007

As the sun begins to dip below the curviture of earth for another day, the splendor of the season is caught in the river for a brief moment ... a water color painting of the landscape.

Maple on Maple, © Joan Z. Rough, 2007

These are the things I see and watch everyday in my yard. We're over 15 inches of rain short for the year, but somehow, most everything is holding on. I am very grateful to be living here in this beautiful landscape.


marja-leena said...

Lovely photos! Thank you. Your fall is later than here, most leaves are gone now except the stubbotn oaks that hang on to their dry brown leaves all winter.

Visual-Voice said...

oh, your place is so gorgeous during this season of grace. I can't wait to see you before, during and after the retreat!! Those berries are amazing!


Lucy said...

Beautiful writing and sumptuous pictures. Thank you.

paris parfait said...

These pictures are absolutely stunning! Who wouldn't want to experience fall from your viewpoint? Fall is my favourite season and your gorgeous photos remind me why.

Becca said...

We had such spectacular color here in Michigan too. I found myself nearly driving off the road sometimes, I was so distracted by it.

I love the Japanese red maples.

Thanks for the photo tour :)

Bro. Bartleby said...

American beauty berries, delicious!
Japanese maple leaves, beautiful.
Haiku in the air!

jzr said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. I wish you could all come and share this wonderful place with me.