Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving In New Hampshire ...

Last week we celebrated an early Thanksgiving in New Hampshire with my brothers, Reid, on the left and Zed next to him. Also there was Reid's significant other, Lee, Reid's son, Jesse, his wife, Amanda, and their little Anya, one of the cutest little creatures in this world. Lance, Lee's son and his love, Jan, were also there.

Anya and I played peek-a-boo while I worked the camera!

Lot's of fun...

while Lee and her son, Lance, put the final touches on a delicious feast of roast turkey with all the fixings. We pressed the last apples of the season for cider, watched snow flakes come down in windy, frigid squalls and cozied up around the wood stove! It was in the teens outside with a good windchill factor to boot!

It was a fun trip and we promised we'd do it again next year, only earlier! The weather in New Hampshire at this time of year is daunting for an ex New
Englander like myself who moved away 30 years ago. I've lived in Virginia for too long I guess!!

Today Bill and I celebrated our own quiet holiday and it was a pleasure to not have to fuss. I worked out in the yard a bit, putting the garden to bed. With temperatures in the mid 50's, it was perfect.

We're thankful for our friends and family,
all of the joys that life brings us
and hope that all of you have had a peaceful day filled with grace and joy!


marja-leena said...

Belated happy thanskgiving!

Lucy said...

I've really come to enjoy Thanksgiving since I started blogging!

I especially liked the photo of your two brothers, so full of character.

Becca said...

Both of your Thanksgiving celebrations sound like lovely, peaceful experiences that capture the essence of the season.

Thanks for sharing :)