Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sea Change ...

I'm on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Have been here for well over a week and head home on Friday. We've had beautiful weather and a mostly calm sea until yesterday when a storm formed just south of us. This morning I woke to a shaking house, windows rattling, driving rain seeping beneath a not well insulated door. The sights and sounds are absolutely magnificent as is our presidential victory last night. I feel like I've been holding my breath for months now, unable to concentrate on much of anything but the election and being driven by strong emotions and worries about the world I'll be leaving to my grandchildren. But now the storm within has broken, I'm breathing just fine and I'm hopeful that our world will begin to change for the better. I do think it will be a difficult time ahead but we've come through difficult times before and we will do it again.

This beach and the house we rent each year ( I call it, "somebody
else's headache"), is a magical place ... especially in election years. This is the 3rd presidential election year that we have been here on election day. We vote by absentee ballot way ahead of time then come here to relax and heal from a year's worth of battering and in the case of the first two elections to piss and moan about what just happened. But just being here with the sound of surf and the wind whistling through the screens and windows in calming and we've always returned to the real world in much better shape than when we arrived.

Our daughter Lisa, her partner, Deena, and the two
grandlings come for the first week. Then we chase them out and have the second week just to ourselves to read, write, watch the sea, observe the milky way. With Halloween on Friday just before they left we had fun seeing Zoe and Noah in there costumes as they went out for some trick or treating.

Zoe as a duck!

Noah as Ozone Man!

Hope you all had a happy Halloween and a wondrous election day!!!



marja-leena said...

I'm as excited and thrilled as you! The whole world watched and cheered. Like you, being next to the sea is relaxing and restorative, makes me long to go to our favourite spot again.

Cute grandlings (love that word).

Deirdre said...

It sounds like a wonderful place - perfect to get away from it all. I'd like to run off to a place with no television for a week or so. I'm so sick of politics. Glad it's over, very happy with the results, but ready to step back for a while and let everything settle.

PJS said...

yes, we did it, and

yes we can!

Lucy said...

Terribly late to the party, but you know how happy we were for you.

'Grandlings' is a great word!