Tuesday, February 26, 2008

IT Really Is Happening ...

© Joan Z. Rough, 2008

I think spring is here already. This morning I heard and then saw a red wing blackbird down by the dock
for the first time in '08. He was being chased by the mockingbird who has lived in the nearby willow tree for several seasons. If anyone, including myself, goes near that tree he gets very angry!! He doesn't dive bomb me but he does the cats and other birds.

It is still February, just barely, and I've never seen a red wing here this early. Also the red maples are blooming, dropping their tiny red flowers all over the ground. Yikes, IT really is happening. The IT that so many don't like to think about or even recognize. That big IT that is melting the icecaps and glaciers all over the world. The IT that is responsible for the early tornado season in the midwest and the severe snows that have covered much of the west, east and northern sections of our country. The IT that our current and soon to be gone head-of-state can't fit into his brain and refuses to acknowledge!

UPDATE: That mountain lion that was spotted next door not too long ago has been sighted again, twice ... not right in this area but within the county. They apparently have a range of some 85 miles. I won't blame IT for this new neighbor. I think it has more to do with the human population in the mountains and our huge deer herd. There is plenty of food to be had in the area!!

I'm leaving town tomorrow until next week. It's time for a break. I wonder what I'll find when I return?? Have a great week!!

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Lucy said...

I understand; I love seeing the early signs of spring, but the possible causes of it are troubling.

Hope you had a good trip.