Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Welcome To The World Baby Anya ...

Anya Grace Allison Zabski
born 5/30/07
9 lbs. 8 oz., 20 " long

Baby Anya made her entrance on May 30, daughter of my nephew, Jesse and his wonderful wife Amanda. I haven't yet met Anya but hopefully during the next few months I'll have the chance, either here in Virginia or up in New Hampshire where they live. Anya is my brother Reid's, first grandchild and would be my mother's third great grandchild. Too bad Mom isn't here to greet Anya with us. But I have a feeling she is smiling from on high and sending this little spirit her best love. Zoe and Noah, my two grandchildren believe that Grammy Jo, as they knew her, is now their special angel who looks after them. I'm sure she is Anya's special angel as well.

When you love,
you complete a circle.

When you die,
the circle remains.

John Squadra, from This Ecstasy


Star said...

What a sweet little one. I hope you'll get to greet her soon.

deirdre said...

What a sweetie. Congrats on being a great-auntie. Am I reading that right? 29"?

Becca said...

What a wonderful celebration of the continuing circle of life :)

She is beautiful!

Visual-Voice said...

What a sweetie ~ and I love the circle sentiments.. so true.

love ~ susan

paris parfait said...

What a blessing! A precious addition to your family. xo