Thursday, May 03, 2007

Susan's Metta Blast ....

Tree Peony blooming in my garden, May, 2007

My friend, Susan, at Visual Voice, is doing a wonderful thing! She is sending a Metta Blast out on her blog to hold all those in need in glorious healing light. You could say it's a prayer circle, in this case a Buddhist one. Metta is loving kindness and there is a special meditation just for sending that loving kindness to everyone you know, your special loved ones and even those you don't seem to have an easy time with. Used in the latter way, I believe it is the first step in finding forgiveness for those who have treated us poorly.

The meditation or prayer, is very simple. Start with yourself. Say to yourself:

May I be happy,
may I be safe,
may I be healthy,
may I live with ease.

Repeat this several times, relaxing more and more with each repetition. Then invoke the name of someone you would like to send loving kindness to and repeat it as many times as you wish. Some say that once is enough, especially if you have a long list of people you wish to honor. Others feel that repeating a given name many times is best. I really don't think there are any hard and fast rule. You may word your phrases differently if you choose.

Susan was kind enough to mention sending Metta to my mother who is in the final stages of a very aggresive lung cancer. We are guessing she has one to two months left. Hospice is involved with her care and they are doing a wonderful job keeping her comfortable. She has difficulty breathing at times, is constantly tired, and if unmedicated feels great pain.

I am deeply grateful to Susan for including us in her effort to bring love to everyone in the whole world. To her I say:

May you be ecstatically happy,
may you always be safe,
may you be healthy in body and soul,
may you live peacefully and with ease.

Thank you so much Susan!


deirdre said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. I'll hold her, and you, in my heart.

Becca said...

This is a beautiful meditation, Joan~thank you for sharing it.

And I will keep you and your mother in my thoughts and prayers...

Visual-Voice said...

awww... it's so easy to do, holding you and your mom in the light... and it's so sweet and kind of you to hold me there too. I put your mom's name on a prayer request at the National Cathedral yesterday before my mom and I attended a service. I figure it's a good thing to have your bases covered ... both in Buddha-land and church-land. You are very much held here in my heart ~ both of you are.

love, Susan