Friday, April 06, 2007

For The Children ...

Zoe, in front, with friend, after their performance in "Oliver"

I spent this past weekend in Black Mountain, North Carolina, visiting my daughter, her partner and my grandkids! Zoe's school launched an all school production of Oliver, which was marvelous. Zoe played an orphan and one of the townspeople. She sang and danced and I had a wonderful time being a proud grandma among the many others who attended. I wasn't acting. I'm so thrilled to see this little woman growing into her life.

I can't help but wonder what she will be doing five years, ten years, twenty years from now. What will her interests be? Will she follow in her grandad's steps and inhabit the world of theater? Or will she be writing, painting or doing research in a lab?

I marvel at the joy and talent of all of the children (grades K through 8) on stage that day and pray that their world will be peaceful, safe and filled with beauty. We seem to be living in desperate times ... an unending war, environmental crisis, political chaos. We all need to work hard to bring an end to this instability ... for ALL of the children.

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Becca said...

Your grandaughter is gorgeous, and I too, love seeing children get all caught up in the arts. I often wonder about what the future holds for them...I'm sure our parents and grandparents felt the same way. I'm glad you were there to share her moments in the limelight:)