Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yellowstone Continued ...

Hot springs, Yellowstone Park, February 2007

These are not like the hot springs found in the western region of Virginia, where people go to "take the waters." These are really hot ... boiling hot ... you don't want to fall in hot.

Old Faithfull, February 2007

Coyotes, ravens and magpies feeding on an elk carcass, February 2007

These photos cannot in any way replicate the experience of being in Yellowstone. I wish I could take you there and show you what I saw. The excitement that the landscape provides along with the animals is stunning. On the day we left the park, heading south to the Grand Tetons, we traveled in a snow coach ... a van that moves on treads like a tank, rather than on wheels. We moved at about 35 mph while the snow was came down at about one foot an hour. It was like being in the most beautiful Christmas card in the world, with caps of snow weighing down the branches of Douglas Fir and other evergreens. It was an experience I will not soon forget.

Big Horn Sheep, Yellowstone Park, February, 2007

Bull Elk, Yellowstone Park, February 2007

Bison in the road, Yellowstone Park, February, 2007


Becca said...

I have never been to Yellowstone, and your pictures and descriptions of your time there bring it so much to life. The trip in the snow coach sounds just amazing.

Thanks for sharing these :)

Jim Macdonald said...

Your first picture is unfathomable. As a Yellowstone-o-phile, I still never cease to be amazed.

Thanks for sharing.