Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow Journal ...

Snow Day, January 17, 2008, 8:00 AM

9:30 AM

Female Cardinal

Blue Jay and Male Cardinal

Goldfinches At The Feeders

12:00 PM

Snow Just Turned To Freezing Rain

The Meadow

The River

The River With Geese And Ducks

Snow storms are getting so rare here in central Virginia, so when one happens one must make note of it and celebrate the event. Like all winter storms that come through these days the snow quickly changed to freezing rain and if the weather folks are right and it gets up to about 50 degrees tomorrow it will be gone before I get a chance to get outside with the camera again.

Happy Snow Day!!!

Photos © Joan Z. Rough


Becca said...

I've just been enjoying your pictoral history of the past few days at your house!

I love the bird photos, and the snow storm looks so inviting (especially if you can stay inside!)

Thanks for sharing these :)

marja-leena said...

Lovely photos, lovely place! Fresh white snow makes the world so beautiful. I think we must go up to our mountains to enjoy some tomorrow.

Lucy said...

How did you get those blue and red birds to pose in the white snow like that?!
Lovely pics altogether.

jzr said...

Thanks for all of your wonderful compliments. The cherry tree the birds were in is right outside my kitchen window and when it is snowing like it was they are less cautious and wanting to get a turn at the bird feeder just below them!