Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Weather Extremes ...

Last week we had a very light dusting of snow. It was enough to get me inspired to do something about decorating the house for Christmas.

Today it is 72 degrees outside. It's also very humid, all due to a flow of Gulf of Mexico air coming up from the south. I was going to take that slice of watermelon down from above the door, but with these wild weather swings, maybe I'll just leave it in place. That way we'll be ready for whatever comes.

The next system coming through will bring some rain and they say that there is a possibility of a "winter storm" over the weekend. That usually means lots of ice, but I'm putting in an order for snow. It's that time of year and I'm ready ... though we are planning an excursion by train to the Big Apple on Monday to take in the Messiah at Lincoln Center and a few Off Broadway shows. We'll window shop on 5th Avenue and hopefully do some museums. The American Folk Museum is one of my favorites. So I hope the weather is good enough to allow for all of that. If not, we'll just stay here and bake cookies!! Either way, I'm sure we'll have fun!!

Snow on the evergreen leaves of a Camillia

A friend of mine reminded me yesterday that in order to fight "Holiday Consumer Disease," one should:

refuse to rush
don't expect too much
accept what you have as a gift
be grateful for the little things
give lots and lots of love
remember that all we have is the present moment


Marja-Leena said...

Lovely images! Hope you get the snow not ice, and that whatever comes, you will enjoy it!

Becca said...

I love your advice at the end - it's just what I need to put everything into perspective:)

Have a wonderful time in the Big Apple!

deirdre said...

Even in winter your garden is lovely.

A train trip to the city sounds wonderful - I hope the weather holds for you. If not, cookies are a good second choice. :)

Lucy said...

Have a lovely time in the big city!
Your house looks delightful, very inviting...

paris parfait said...

Your friend's words are wise. And lovely photos! xo