Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's Lucy's Fault!!

Okay, I've been tagged by Lucy to do a meme, using the letters of my middle name to come up with words that describe who I am. I think all she wants to know is what the "Z" stands for! Now is that fair??

Well, my middle initial "Z" is not the first letter of my middle name. It is the first letter of my maiden name ... Zabski. Yes, it's a good Polish name, and yes, I always was called on last in school and always sat in the back of the room. When I went to college the funny folks who are in charge of placing students in the dorm, roomed me with a wonderful gal with the last name of "Debski." We were known as the "Ski" twins. She was from Brooklyn. I was from Long Island. Well, the joke is on them. We still keep in touch some 40 odd years later.

So here is my response to the meme!

Z: Zealot. I'm too often overly enthusiastic about things once I set my sights on them. This can be good and bad.

A: Anxious. This results from being overly zealous, which also has to do with wanting to be perfect in what I'm zealous about. It's a terrible thing!!

B: Buddhist. Now this is a very good thing and helps me with my anxiety. I try very hard to follow the principles of Buddhism but I'm not very successful. However, I am learning to catch myself when I'm really being bad at it!

S: Silly, Stubborn, Serious. I don't think I need to go into these!

K: Kidder, Kyaker. Yes, that's me in the photo on my way out to have a paddle with my friend, Susan, over at Visual Voice. She took this photo. And yes, I do like to kid around sometimes!

I: Interested. I'm far too interested in too many things and don't have time for them all.

So there you go! There's probably more information here than you wanted. I will refrain from tagging anyone else, but offer up the invitation to anyone who reads this to take it on.

The other meme that Lucy tagged me for was a list of questions that I'm not going to dive into. However, the one question that interested me the most was who would you invite to a dinner party if you could invite anyone in the world, living or dead. One could have a lot of fun with that one. I have a list, but it's too politically incorrect and might result in more war. So why go there!


Isabelle said...

Hello, co-tagee (co-taggee?) by Lucy at Box Elder. Just thought I'd pop across to find out what the z stood for! Your sedum is beautiful - our Autumn Joy isn't coloured up yet (in Scotland). I loved your pictures of Greenland, which I too want to visit (also Iceland) but then I came across the skinned seal and - hmm - had to move back up the screen. Not a place for a vegetarian, maybe?

Lucy said...

I did enjoy this! Thanks for being a good sport and so quick off the mark.
I am impressed with Zabski, and love the idea of a double act called Debski and Zabski; it's great that you're still in touch.
How can you be too interested? And the idea of a zealous buddhist is an intriguing one!

jzr said...

Isabelle, Thanks for your visit. Sorry about the seal. No, not a great place for vegetarians to go, but a cold reality in that meat in that part of world is the only thing there is enough of to eat. Because of the cold there are no vegetable gardens and though there is vegetation, it is sparse.

Lucy, I have to say it was fun. I do take life too seriously some times and it is better to be playful.

On the front page of today's Washington Post is a photo of zealous Buddhists protesting Burma's new ban on rallies. How very sad that they must do this! But if things are to change, one must stand on principle!


Lucy said...

In fact, a zealous buddhist is not unthinkable, perhaps a buddhist zealot is a less compatible idea...
As you say, terrible they have to do it, but the situation there has been terrible for a very long time now, let's hope their courage will help it turn a corner.
We dutifully put on red shirts and uploaded our photos,seemed silly but all we could find to show solidarity. Now the military there have blocked the internet, but they can't stop the tide forever, I'm sure.

Olivia Kroth said...


I like the part about the "Buddhist". I am not a Buddhist, but I have a meditation statue from the Far East, a golden reclining Buddha. It looks serene and helps me in my daily meditations.

I am sorry that you have no access to the comment function of my blog. Would you please try again or send me an email? Thank you.

Becca said...

I so enjoyed learning more about you - thanks for sharing :)

Somehow everything you've shared about yourself seems to fit perfectly with your posts.