Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Lost Language Of Plants ...

Bhudda Garden, © Joan Z. Rough, 2007

I am off tomorrow for points north. I'd like to leave you with this quote I found in a wonderful book, The Lost Language Of Plants, by Stephen Harrod Buhner.

"It is only when we are aware of the earth and of the earth as poetry that we truly live. Ages and people which sever the earth from the poetic spirit, or do not care, or stop their ears with knowledge as with dust, find their veins grown hollow and their hearts an emptiness echoing to questioning. For the earth is ever more than the earth, more than the upper and the lower field, the tree and the hill....It is this earth which is the true inheritance of man, his link with his human past, the source of his religion, ritual and song, the kingdom without whose splendor he lapses from his mysterious estate of man to a baser world which is without the other virtue and the integrity of the animal. True humanity is no inherent right but an achievement; and only through the earth may we be as one with all who have been and all who are yet to be, sharers and partakers of the mystery of living, reaching to the full of human peace and the full of human joy."

Henry Beston, Herbs And The Earth


Star said...

Beautiful but powerful words. And such a tranquil setting in the photo you've shared.

Wishing you safe travels.

Becca said...

A marvelous message for us to ponder in your absence.

Wishing you a safe and happy journey :)

Visual-Voice said...

I'm going to miss you, especially since I'm just about to begin posting the shots from my trip to see you momentarily! Have a great trip1!!