Friday, January 12, 2007

Hellebores blooming in my garden right now, January 12, 2007

This morning, feeling a bit rebelious, I decided not to go and do my daily workout. After a while I started beating up on myself for not going ... you know, the usual ... how do you expect to lose weight and stay healthy if you don't go to exercise??

I was just about ready to throw on my gym clothes when out on the dock appeared two river otters. They snuggled and played, then swam across the river like dolphins ... diving then coming up for air ... they climbed the bluff on the other side of river, scampered back down to the water to be joined by Big Blue, our resident heron, who hasn't taken his or her usual winter vacation this year. The last I saw of the otters, they were dipping their way upstream. Big Blue was wading through the shallows looking for breakfast.

It was a great reminder that sometimes when you're feeling a bit off, it's okay to let the usual routine go, and be kind to yourself. By being "naughty" and not going to my workout today, I was rewarded with a reconnection with the natural world right under my nose. I haven't had the time for that in while now and what good medicine that is. Even better than cross-trainers and weights. Those will have to wait for another day.

Since my mother's health crisis over the holidays, I've been feeling exhausted and totally out of control. The transition from having her at home, to now having her in a rehab/nursing home was at first very difficult. Now I'm feeling very different ... happy ... free ... ready to reinvent myself. There is little, except for visiting her, that I can do for my mom right now. So tomorrow morning my husband and I are going to go visit our grandkids in North Carolina for a bit. We haven't seen them since October so it is time to bring some "kid magic" into our lives once again and start looking at the world anew. We'll get to see Zoe's new school, watch both little ones take riding lessons, tickle and giggle, read stories, hike around the lake and just be.


paris parfait said...

Sounds like a much-needed vacation! The photo is gorgeous! And I like that even missing the workout, you found joy and inspiration! Enjoy your trip and take lots of photos!

deirdre said...

What a wonderful weekend you have planned. Yes, sometimes a little detour from routine and a dip into playfulness is just what we need. I'm glad you're more at peace with not having your mom at home and realizing that you can refill your well in the meantime. Have a great time with the kids.

Becca said...

I loved the story of your diversion from exercise - what fun that must have been, watching those otters at play. The visit to the grandkids sounds like a great idea, too! Enjoy - you've earned it.

Anonymous said...

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Cynthia said...

Good for you! and rest from stress and a change of scenery sure sound as though it was...good for you.